Writing A Dissertation Proposal On Hospitality Management

Hospitality management is a chain that links hotels with the inns, bed and breakfast places, and other places similar to them. They are not all the same, in your dissertation, you can examine deeply into the aspects of costs – how they differ from each other- and how they are similar in providing satisfaction. When creating a dissertation proposal on hospitality management, the following are a few important aspects to consider.

Choose an intense subject

The subject matter that revolves around your research should be one that you could fully justify, and your assignment should have concrete grounds.

The critical avenues

You have to dig into the critical aspects of your area of discussion, looking into its loopholes, problems, outcomes, etc. You have to look at the negative aspects of your matter.

Arouse curiosity

Make your reader/ examiner curious, make him/her want to read the whole dissertation with interest. For them to become interested, you have to be committed, and you have to be able to make them redoubt the ideas. You have to provide the necessary proof for this.

Ensure that you cover all aspects

You have to make sure all the areas of the topic are covered. You should be able to answer the what and why aspects in question. This should be answered in a clear manner so that the readers can grasp what you are trying to say.

The issue at hand

The reader should be able to understand that you are serious about the issue that you are addressing, and not merely doing it for name’s sake. You should be able to prove your point.

Add value to the society

Your proposal should add value to the society, and provide something meaningful. Your work should be something that gives depth for research and enquiry.

Ensure that the ball that you are throwing has a good blow.

If your work is planned out and comprehensive, with the required points, then it would be a masterpiece, giving you the key to going up the ladder. You have to aim to impress. So, you shouldn’t stray off too much, providing as many details as possible, close to the topic.

A second opinion

In your final assessment, get rid of what you think is unwanted, and then make the final adjustments; improve the areas that you think are important and perfect the paper to submit.

Once you have finalized everything, and taken a second idea of everything, then you are done. Make sure your conclusion is good, and that just as you have provided a good first opinion, you should provide a good closing sentence. Once you have completed everything, you are done.

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