Academic Writing Made Simple: What Makes A Good Doctoral Thesis

Writing an academic paper can be more difficult than writing any regular essay. There are not only high expectations, but there is also a strict set of rules that you need to follow. You have to put in much more effort than you usually do, and it’s definitely not a job that you can do in a few days. If you need to make your doctoral thesis, things get even more complicated because it is something that can really influence your education. If you want to write a good thesis and to impress your supervisor, follow these tips (or ask for a thesis assistance):

  • If you can choose the topic, go for something that will make the entire process easier. Most of the topics that are assigned to you don’t have a written thesis so the first thing you have to do is to establish exactly the questions that you are going to introduce in your composition or, in other words, to compose the base of your thesis. The hypothesis is the first thing you need to write down before you start your research.

  • Watch out for the sources. Especially in academic writing, you can not take information from untrustworthy sources. This kind of paper requires very accurate, and valid data and anything below this will considerably decrease your marks. Verify each information before considering it and focus on a research paper, books and articles rather than anonymous websites on the internet.

  • Build smart arguments. The arguments that you use don’t have to be only convincing, but they need to be formed starting from the research that you made. Every time you make a statement, you need to mention what information lead you to that conclusion and from where you took the information. A simple “I think…” will not count as argument, and it will make your paper seem very unprofessional.

  • Language, grammar and punctuation. These three elements are very important when you write an academic paper. Not only that everything has to be perfect, but it needs to be suitable for academic requirements so forget about colloquial expressions or quotes without mentioning the author. Think that some of these papers get published in books, and this means they need to be complex and corrected to the smallest detail. Reserve at least one day after you finished writing your thesis to proofread the entire content and to make the small necessary corrections.

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